Donald Marrow Disk Eyes is a boutique publishing, production and a sync music catalog company specializing in vintage music. We get our exclusive and fresh sound by organizing groups of diverse musicians and world class studios – combining talent in a session that might include members of the Grand Ole Opry teamed up with Tower of Power Horns.  The synergy can be quite peculiar, and engaging.

Disk Eyes has a full line of services including Publishing, private Record Companies, and Internet Distribution, providing outlets for our label partners and artists. View our work at Partner/Clients, Film/TV and Artists.

The company was originally founded by Donald Marrow in 1987 to bring a unique contemporary approach to satellite broadcast music. Today, Disk Eyes continues to focus and develop niche markets worldwide.

Musician/Composer/Producer, Donald Marrow, has performed with Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, John Hammond, Julian Priester, Gloria Weems, the Main Attraction and Kidd Afrika. Producing over 5,000+ recordings for Record labels, Film/TV, Internet, Production Libraries, Satellite Broadcasting and Advertising.

Donald also works with young musicians building confidence in their vocal skills by providing them an opportunity to work in a studio, participate in mixing and lends his experience to help guide them in their career choices.

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