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Welcome to the Publisher’s Master Titles page.  Now you can participate in the master side as well as the publishing side of your titles!

Select a Publisher, listen, pitch and license your titles. Disk Eyes owns 100% of these Masters and offers you immediate clearance as well as 25% participation of Master fees when you generate a use.

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For licensing contact Disk Eyes Licensing & Sync - Licensing@diskeyes.com, Carla@diskeyes.com


Track Title Genre Track Description PlayLink
FOR THE FIRST TIME (Elevated Instrumental) Movie/TV Themes “Lifting urban life skyward” – Elisa Graves Otis, inventor of the elevator, suggested piping music into the box to calm the nerves of wary passengers, hence, the phrase “Elevator Music” was coined.  With intent, this Instrumental has been “elevated”. Click to Listen
HEARD IT IN A LOVE SONG (Background Instrumental) Rock/Pop This Marshall Tucker Band 70s classic crossed over on Billboards’s Hott 100, Country and AC charts.  This Elevator Music styled Instrumental brings a new cheezy and insipid relevance to the charm of the original. Click to Listen