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Welcome to the Publisher’s Master Titles page.  Now you can participate in the master side as well as the publishing side of your titles!

Select a Publisher, listen, pitch and license your titles. Disk Eyes owns 100% of these Masters and offers you immediate clearance as well as 25% participation of Master fees when you generate a use.

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Track Title Genre Track Description PlayLink
12 DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS Jazz (Vocal) Ever wonder what happens to all those drummers drumming and the five golden rings . . .??  Here’s the true story.  Humourist Frederick Silver’s comic ode to Christmas past, featuring Acoustic Jazz Trio and Bassist, Douglas Barnett on Vocal. Click to Listen
12 DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS (Backing Track) Jazz (Mainstream) Backing Track or Underscore for Fred Silver’s humorous Christmas ode and answer to the 12 Days of Christmas, featuring Jazz Piano Trio. Click to Listen
BOB’S BEDROOM (WHEN THE AIR SINGS OF SUMMER) (Menotti) Classical ‘The Old Maid and the Thief’ was one of the earliest Operas composed specifically for performance on the radio.  The Opera is most known for two Arias, one of which is ‘Bob’s Bedroom’, also know by the title, ‘When the Air Sings of Summer”. Click to Listen
STEAL ME SWEET THIEF (Menotti) Classical In a household normally devoid of any male presence, the elderly Miss Todd has taken in a handsome wanderer.  News hits the town of an escaped convict, and the description sounds a lot like Bob.  Song Kim’s heartfelt perfomance of the Minotti Aria. Click to Listen